Anyone know how to make a trap horn?

I want to venture out of a future bass genre and explore others to see what they’re like so I decided trap but I don’t know how to make the horn and I think it could really help

Anyone know how?

Wouldn’t the answer to any question like this now be ‘grab a sample’?


Aah, are you not on the update?

I am on the update now

With premium

And can you fine “melodic” samples too instead of just “drum”?

20 goto 10




Wait what?

Sorry, obscure geek reference.

Just directing you back to my previous answer. :slight_smile:

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A sample is a sample is a sample.
You’ve got 10 seconds per audio file to play with.

It’s all handled via the ‘drum’ kits.

Ik but can it be put in a melodic pattern?

It’s not yet ‘playable’ in that sense.
You can create notes using Pitch automation.

But, I’d presumed ‘trap horn’ meant one or only a few notes. That’s doable using sample import and pitch automation.

True I’ll try that if someone can’t find a way

Go lobster- full verb, tone and shape + ducker. Do a stab half a bar long. Works for me


Closest I could get ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Like @Southborne said, Lobster is where its at when it comes to brass


Okay thanks guys I’ll check it out


Here’s an example from one of my songs I’ve been working on.

It’s Racer from Destiny, with Lowpass automation. It sounds pretty good in context.


Hey nice, Tocatta and Fuege in D minor :sunglasses:

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I uploaded a sample for Kodak black’s patty cake via the drum kit so it does import sounds- I personally add my trap horn in an external DAW like Logic Pro

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Bro that’s the noise I’m looking for :grin:

Definitely keep me updated with what ever beats you make- I make HipHop and rap beats with auxy and would love to collab with artists

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I’m just your friendly neighborhood trap producer! :smile:


Sounds dope bro