Anyone here making melodic house?

e.g. Lane 8 / This Never Happened, Le Youth, Sultan + Shepard, Christian Löffler, …


If you do, share links to you melodic house tracks below.

Cidolem house (melodic backwards) this track is not good :+1:t3:

Thanks, but I’m not sure I’d label that melodic house.

Check out the names and link I used.

I absolutely love Lane 8’s work, and have been trying to make projects in that style for 2ish years, on and off. Some are directly inspired, like the two linked below, and others are not so related, working off different ideas.

Here are two (very unfinished) demos of the most similar tracks I’ve made to his style:
Offworld - New Moons
Offworld - 13.2 (untitled this far)

Yes, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing :sweat_smile:

someone explain melodic house to me

Start by checking out the artists and link in the original post. :+1:

That’s the kind of thing I was talking about. :+1:

Seems there are very few Auxy users producing in that genre.

I’ve been working in this genre lately and have some Auxy WIPs which I think have legs, and was curious to hear if anyone’s been creating good stuff in Auxy for this genre.

I also asked on one of the popular Auxy community Dischord servers, but no-one responded. :person_shrugging:

Other than the vocals, Auxy seems pretty well suited to making Melodic House, so it’s disappointing that more Auxy users aren’t seriously producing in that genre.

Was possibly looking for a collab.