Anyone Have Any Official Records Out?


I’ve been with Auxy since the beginning and I feel lately I’ve been tuning in my skills as an Auxy Hip Hop producer- lately I’ve gotten my tracks out to various artists but the biggest one I have is this remix of 6ix9ine and Tory Lanez’s “Kika”… the song got me a lot of new clients, articles, and connections! Was wondering if anyone had any other finished records with vocals of any genre


It’s in French btw even I don’t know what the lyrics officially say but according to the articles and fan videos people really like it :joy:


You’re Kurtis?


I produced the track kurtis is the artist who hopped on it and added his vocals




But, he didn’t give credit! :angry:

Good job on the remix, by the way.


Can we copy strike Kurtis


Any promotional ads for the song on the other social media accounts gave me credit- he also pays me royalties and I made sure to comment letting people know I remixed the track! If anything, it was on me- I should’ve had a producer tag a while back but I just got mine sent in so next time it’ll be on the song


He purchased the remix off of me and gave me credit when promoting the track- like I said before i should’ve had a real producer tag so I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m in the title- just a lesson learned but I still get paid haha


Yo, that’s kinda illegal.


i assume he means the guy bought the beat for it so he could rap over it (which is what a lot of rappers do)


Yes, I understand that.
I hope that’s what he meant.


It is haha




I forgot that this post is a question. :sweat_smile:

Well, I released a track with the label, No Status Records.
You may recognize the label from @official_ivo or @Xiejra releases.
They were great to work with, and I’ll definitely be releasing with them again.

Here’s the track:
Nick Elle - Back Off


I like it man good job!


Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’ve released with Heroboard, and have a release with Lunch Box pretty soon as well. I plan on doing tons of label releases 2019, we’ll see how that goes lol


Can you give me a link? I’d like to check it out- good to hear your still makin moves yourself! Been a while :joy: