Anyone good at making logos?

Hey guys! I am looking into trying to make a logo and I am pretty bad at this stuff ngl and I was wondering if someone could help with that? Thanks!

Bet what u want?

I mean I could try, what do you want in your logo though?

not really but i can give it a try.

Im thinking like maybe some kind of like a Phoenix or something idk just gimme some ideas lol or like something with PHNX on it?

Tbh im open to any designs lol

i suck at making logos

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That’s sick! Any chance you could add some different possibilities of backgrounds like cities and such?

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Any chance you could change the birds color? Otherwise that’s pretty lit.

What color

Can I maybe see a red, orange, or grey one plz thx

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That’s fire​:fire::fire:



Hmu for more aweslme logos :triumph::triumph:

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Yeah I did that on purpose lmao because everyone else spells it right and I wanted to be different :joy:

Check discord