Anyone ever gotten featured on Electronic Gems?

Wondering if anyone on here has ever managed to get one of their tracks featured on any popular YouTube channels like Electronic Gems, MrSuicideSheep, or any other music channels that accept submissions/suggestions. If so, please leave some tips or links to channels that I and others might not be aware of!

nope, but that’d be a dream come true.

been hoping to do something like that as a year goal, either get released on a label or promo channel, but haven’t put anything out that i feel is “good enough” yet im still learnin and figuring out stuff.


Got on Fluidified (383,000 subs)

ft. @crystldawnmusic

Edit: looks like you are looking for channels that accept submissions. Fluidified does but they never respond to any of mine (the one that got uploaded wasn’t submitted, they just uploaded it), so it might be a waste of time. I would recommend submitting to LUNCH BOX, they’re not very big but they’re better than a lot of music channels that I know of.


Cool! Thanks, I’ll have to take a look into these.

Great track by the way👌🏻

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Recently got onto heroboard, 176k subs

I was looking for a label to release this song on, and they accepted it.
There’s no real tips or tricks other than submit to channels that use your genre. Heroboard is pretty genreless, really on the chiller side of the music spectrum. They’re also pretty good because they provide graphics, mastering, and distribution.

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You have to “exclusive release” with them if you want to get on their channel, apparently

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So they’re a label then

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