Anyone else just fiddle with the app?

So I’ve had Auxy for like 2 months now I think.

I have like 40+ ‘tracks’ but no songs. I’m fiddling with all the sound packs, making soundscapes, testing beat-making, etc.

Just curious if there’s anyone else out there who isn’t making songs either but having a blast with the app :slight_smile:


Can you send one of your songs here? I’d like to give a stab and make it a full song.

Oh no, I mean like I really don’t have much of anything made haha.

I know ‘what’ makes a song, but I don’t have in-depth understanding/experience of Chord Progressions, or making melodies, or even simple drum beats.

Really I’ve just made a bunch of individual sounds, and that’s it. I haven’t played with the scenes yet to consider anything close to being a song yet.

But, I have a few sounds/beats I do like so far, so let me get those in a track and you can play with em :slight_smile:

e: here’s actually something useful. I think I stole the chords from a YouTube video, but the beat is mine

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In the old version of the app I just used it for making notes and projects I’d export and use somewhere else. but this version I’ve only used it for about 2 days now and already made a full? song each day. I love it. :V

I don’t really make full songs but I have like a hundred projects.

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I do the same thing

That’s me exactly! I don’t have full songs, just playing around with the app (I love how Auxy makes everything so accessible.)

Same! Just playing around a lot, maybe take music on professionally at some point, but yeah, Auxy is an amazing platform for aspiring producers, hobbyists, pretty much anyone who loves and wants to make music :slight_smile:


Haha 90% of what I make stays on my phone. You’re not alone