Anyone down to collab?

Anyone interested in a collab?

an attempt, don’t feel obligated to use this. i just made it for fun and we can totally collab but I think you were going for a more chill style and I don’t wanna take that away if that’s what u want.

Totally down for a collab! I’m working on it now.

Alright sweet

Sorry, I have exams and projects for school rn so I can’t collab at the moment, but in the future I would love to

Ok no but when you want to just hit me up cuz I’ll forget lmao. Do you want me to keep this project or nah?

I will definitely hit you up with another project link soon. It’s totally up to you if you wanna keep the current version

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Borrowed some riddim loops and made something!

Sorry it’s been awhile but I worked on it

can we start something else? I literally don’t know where to go with this

Haha sure, I’ll let you start though

You got discord? I feel like this would be easier to communicate there

I dmed it to you