Anyone a photographer?


Mwa? Thank you. I did a film degree and it improved my photography a boat load.


Your pics make me wanna visit Australia even more


If you ever wanna visit, I can give you a guide to the hipster stuff and educationally interesting stuff in Brisbane and Melbourne. If you’re after the beach, best stuff is around Brisbane’s Sunshine Coast. My childhood is cutting myself on rocks there and getting dumped by waves.


Homeboy on the right is in selfie mode


When you have a crazy ego but also are really insecure


Here’s a few from my trip to Seattle over the summer.


I like the 8th one


me too its cool


I love Chicago!

Now I’ll have to upload all my photos from there…


same :stuck_out_tongue:


I got some pictures y’all


That last one is phenomenal!


That first one is phenomenal! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ok these are all awesome

and they kind of have the same feel as your music, interestingly…


you gotta do a reeeeeeeal close up of the dog.

all of them are pretty neat tho


iPhone 8 is awesome though! and so is capturing your favorite moments


I was able to visit New York City this past summer, and these are some decent pictures I took.


I don’t usually do photos, but I have some I’ve gathered since I first added a post here forever ago


U went to San Francisco



let me do my ye >:(