Anyone a photographer?


da golden gate bridge


All of these photos have made me want to go outside and travel :joy:



or you can use google


c r e a t i v e c o m m o n s


We should make
original contents
as a creator lol

…thumbnail is not the main thing though


Lol true


Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m photographer but I do love to take pictures and anything else artistic, here’s some pictures!!! ^^



Chicago is a very photogenic city. If you ever visit, I really recommend the architectural boat tours.


Some album covers in there…


10/10 kitty


I love tall cool buildings!
Visiting Chicago is now in my bucket list!





oof ur good


Thanks! That was all with my phone tho, lol. I’m not an actual photographer.



I post mediocre photos on my instagram while my friends tell me to “sTOp SPamMinG”


I dabble. Most city shots are in Brisbane, QLD, my old home city – including one of the Comic Cons they had there (I don’t know anyone in all of these photos). The guy and son on the hill were tourists I saw in New Zealand and they looked so perfect I had to get a shot of them. No idea who they are, but wish I had the nerve to tell them I captured a really beautiful moment and would email them a pic.


Your pics are honestly outstanding!