Anyone a photographer?


Damn some of you are pros. I just really like taking pictures. (iPhone 8, no actual camera :confused:)

these pictures are (random order) from Finland, Denmark, Norway, France, UAE. Oof the quality got crushed


pretty awesome! I take photos on my phone too lol


recent one I took, I’ll probably use it for cover art. :slight_smile:


Wow, you’ve been to a lot of cool places. I’m jealous.


Anyone have any shots of palm trees that I could use as backgrounds for my music on SoundCloud? :desert_island:


You’re like a pro too! I’m really impressed…! Love your works :slight_smile:


Not really but I do enjoy being photographed

Sneak peak, coming soon!



but the djlr looks like the supreme logo lol


I’ve got another version. This is for the album, and then I have one for the single which will look similar but without the red djlr


lmao it does


thank you!


25 countries, a bit more at the end of the year.


I think I posted here before lol! Anywho, here are a few new pics. I use my cannon EOS 5D mark I, and cannon EOS 10d

The very first pic here was with my old iPhone, sorry for blur


Not sponsored by bmo


Some new ones


i have a couple photos on Unsplash


here’s my unsplash profile:

you can use those photos for your cover arts :smiley:




These are the photos I used for Sector 29’s cover art.


I’ve been doing some of these:

Yeah.I think they’re VERY cool.