Anyone a photographer?


I’m a photographer in the sense that I at least try to keep my phone straight when I take a picture. So, no. Here’s my favorite pics:


Wow! You look like you’ve been having some Urban Adventures! Great pics!


Naruto is an anime, and the name of the main character in the anime. He runs like that.


(Nice pun, lel)


I will not let this thread die


How bout some more pics


I got a bunch more, here goes.

(screenshotted because im on my computer so sorry if they are low quality)


Took some more photos recently:


thanks for taking my limelight xD.


sorry ;-; xD

your photos are really good too ;D


I literally just take photos of things.
and thats why my phone has no storage.


yeah same! the photos i just posted were taken on my iPhone when i was walking home from school. xD


oof nice.

right now all the trees here look as dead inside as my friends. (as in they are very dead)


Push me to the edge
All my friends are dead


get out.


Directed by Jordan Peele
I’ll stop now




Back to pretty pictures


I just use pexels for cover art


I just used this photo for my logo. It’s basically already spring here! XD