Anyone a photographer?


i took all of these


Really nice!

Where was this one taken?



a local garden


here are some photos I dug up when I used to do photography.


@official_ivo you should get in here :wink:


Me: Hey this sounds fun maybe I’ll post some pics

looks at other people’s pictures :eyes:

Also Me: Bye


All these taken on my phone over the course of four years. Now that I look back, I think some of these are crap.


it looks like the Naruto running


Um, i don’t know what that is.



I still don’t know what that is, but okay. Haha.


Hey! I recognize so many of those places from when I lived in DC


Yes, i’m a photographer

That’s a link to my work

My expertise is portraits

If anyone needs help or photo advice hit me up

I need music advice in exchange haha :monkey:


I have an instagram for my pics ( and all of my album art comes from there. I guess heres some exaples of ones Ive used for album art;


And here are some that I really like;

(Okay thats enough lol)
Everything you just saw was shot with my IPhone 5c and edited with Instagram filters.

Also I am totally fine with people using my photos as album art, just ask me first and credit me (please and thanks).


Niiice! Great photos with just an iPhone 5. I just use my iPhone and my mom’s iPhone 8+ (it has a fancy camera).


I’ve managed to do some pretty good stuff with just my phone. The photo above is one I took a few nights ago.


I’d consider myself a photographer. I’ll post some photos in a bit.


I go to DC a heck of a lot. So glad you recognized some stuff! Especially that crystal, that’s at the Smithsonian.


Yeah i have a photo of the crystal that looks just like that