Anyone a photographer?


I once took a picture of a brick wall and it got 139,163 views

I dunno man



Must have been a nice wall I guess.


all this talk about walls, but we can’t forget about the highest quality wall.

lets not get too political now. im memeing so i can take it down if someone doesn’t like it or if we’re getting too off topic


maybe if you don’t have perfect vision you can’t see the full pic, so .474 of a view


I’m staying in a lake house for the holidays and took some photos of the sunrise on my phone…


Those look nice. What phone did you use?


iPhone SE
and thanks! :slight_smile:


Heres some photos i took not too long ago.


Ayy lmao same




Here are some more:


fabulous seagull


So cool


Thanks! :hugs:


For sure using these as some kind of cover art in the future.