Anyone a photographer?


A few new Canon EOS 5d and 10D shots
All pictures are raw, no filters, maybe just a bit of light balancing on a few.


woah those are awesome :clap:


Reminds me of your music.


Thanks so much @eohr and @Mr_Mooo!


also now we know you like adidas


@stereofield should use the flower ones for album art


That’s not me… :joy: I (attempt) portrait photography so that’s my subject. Tbh I don’t really have anything from Adidas




London vibes


Nice hand reveal



glad you’re protecting your eyes from all the sun out there :joy:



Fam u gotta step up your glasses game

Not mine lol


I feel like this is how you become blind


no this is just merely the fist step to becoming an anime character


Lol,yeah :joy:

I took that shot at about 2 pm, it was really bright out, but I used an extremely low ISO setting to make everything dark around him


Wherever that hill is, it’s an absolutely beautiful view.


London looks like an amazing place. I hope I can go there one day.


Here’s a photo I edited on photoshop for a photography assignment. It was difficult because in the original photo i was holding something so i had to edit it out and remake my hand basically. I reckon it looked good in the end.


I always put this to every arm

Problem solved