Anyone a photographer?


Recently made a topic seeing if there were any Disco Cartoonists.

Wondering if anyone else here likes taking photos, and maybe using them for cover arts? :stuck_out_tongue:

Share your work!


I’m an amateur photographer myself.

Like, amateur amateur. The type where I get out my phone, take a picture of something, and completely destroy it with Apple’s camera filters :blush:

I’ve got a few good pictures come out of that, I might share them when I find the time.


xD yeah, I just do it for fun as well





Wow those are some great pics!



Here’s another one I took:




What is that last picture? It looks like someone dabbing underwater.


I take photos, but with my mom’s phone. I guess in that case, I’m a photographer.


i deleted the original source
It was the original picture of my Reborn Album. It was scrapped because it looks simple.


I’m going through my mom’s phone looking for good pictures.


No but I like to think I’m a decent photographer IMG_2091


The last one is cool, except for the people lol.



love the portrait photo of you. really captures your facial features in a nice manner


My work on VSCO:
Nick Elle’s VSCO


This picture was taken in the absolute perfect spot.