Anybody want a custom profile pic

I can make custom profile pictures for you just ask in the comments below ( don’t expect same day return)
Just send me your background and i will handle it from there

Hey ill take one champ!

@InfinityBeatz Ok send me a background and i will get you setup

I need one
What type of background???

@AasHesh Any background you would like

Anime background

@AasHesh Ok, you have two options

You choose one or keep both it doesn’t matter to me

2nd one is better
Thank you

Np i was hesitant on the 1st so i made a backup glad i did!:joy:

Hey I can do profile pics! Just ask!

Can I have one plz

I need a picture of a dolphin riding a flaming unicorn.


Yeah just give me an image that you want as your pic
And your logo (direct message)

I’d like one.

And yes I know I just got this one but…I’m fine with removing it since I made it so I can put it back on anytime.

Actually, I’ll make my own.

I need to know if your requesting me for one or are you requesting NYC

I’m getting requests. Nobody’s messaged me their logos. :disappointed_relieved:

u have a new customer