Any way to sidechain in Auxy?

Please, in my music feedback, many say I should sidechain but I don’t know how … thank you for reply

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There is not a way to directly customize sidechaining, however you can use the Ducker filter. Every time a kick happens this knob controls how far down in volume the instrument goes (in case you don’t know).

E.g. You have Dollar as your drum, and Needy as your bass. When you turn the ducker all the way up, the Needy bass reduces in volume a lot and comes back up every time you have a kick.


Thank you ! And what about LFO? Many comments say this too

No LFO… yet.

LFO is basically automation based on a wave form. If you know what a Square
wave is (see the image), it’s basically what the automation should look

![Square Wave](


As @NYC said, there is no direct LFO, but you can do it with automation. However, it’s hard to do a Sine wave (see image) because of no curves in automation.

Sine Wave

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Curved automation lines would be an awesome addition to Auxy.


It would definitely be confusing and hard to do


But which automation? Volume? Low pass? Tone ? Ducker ?


LFO would be it’s own separate knob if it was a thing I think

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In Auxy, the ducker / kick approach described by @stereofield works, even if the drum’s volume is set to zero.

So… you can use drum kicks to trigger a whole heap of ducker effects, without anyone hearing that particular drum. I remember being excited when I learnt this.


Ummm…what’s an LFO?


@NotMiles :arrow_up:


It doesn’t matter what you’re automating. An LFO is simply using a waveform
shape in your automation. It can be lowpass, volume, whatever you like :slight_smile:


Low Frequency Oscillator. When you listen to a pure square wave, it’s gonig up and down really fast. The Low Frequency part basically makes it really slow, and instead of making a wave sound, it just applies it to modulation.


I asked lenberg if this was included in 4.0 and he said yes… I guessed he didn’t understand my question lol

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Ah okay, that makes sense now

…or three knobs…

  1. Waveform
  2. Rate
  3. Depth

Possible 4th…

  1. Might also want option to target a specific effect

Maybe LFO could be another automation module?
It would allow for better LFO than anything on synthesizer VSTs that I’ve used.

Hey, is it good Sidechain ?
Thank you !