Any tips on making good music?

So as I’m still learning how to make good content, I just want to know if there are any tips you can give me to help me make better music.


For real, the basic way to make good music is to build off of something that sounds good. Make a melody, and then work with that melody to make chords, a bass line and even some drums. It’s how I started. You don’t really need anything more advanced in order to make a good track, especially when starting out. Look at featured tracks in app, or at potential remix stems here on the forum, see what others do, and learn from it. Don’t copy! But learn, understand what they do to make it sound good. This should help ^w^


Get inspired, that’s all I can really say.

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Thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind whilst creating something new.

Wise advice, right there.

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I just gotta say :ok_hand:

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Just remember. You can please yourself, or you can please others with your music, but almost never both.

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Yeah, I’ve experienced that.

There are some helpful videos in this topic, created by the Auxy community

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  1. less is more.
  2. its all about tension and release.