Any Spanish or German speakers here?


We’re working on localizing the app in a variety of languages and need help verifying the translations we get. For now, we’re looking for people who are fluent in Spanish and German to help by simply installing a beta version of the app and check if the translations look good.

Let me know in the comments or send a DM if you want to help out!



would it be possible to change the instrument names to match the user’s set language?

I can speak Spanish lol

Hey, I’m Mexican, my first language is Spanish, I could give it a try if you want :smile:


Great! I will notify you when we have a beta ready to look at.

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Awesome! I’ll be more than happy to help!

I’m from Argentina and Spanish is also my first language lol

We now have a beta ready with Spanish and German localization that we would love if native speakers installed and send us any incorrect spelling etc.

You can open settings and scroll down to the Auxy Beta settings in case you don’t have German or Spanish set as your default language.

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I.e. here: