Any ideas for my new Profile name

I want something unique to be recodnised on auxy’s soundcloud

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Ummm how about Lazt Laff

I mean it definitely has to have “J” in it


Give us some facts about yourself(hobbies, interesting things).

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Don’t report pls and I done mean it badly isa joke



Bar Bar Jinks


Lol on tour with San Holo :rofl:


If you’re talking about improving your chances of a repost – they’re not picking tracks based on the artist’s name.


what is it then?

If you mean “What is it that they’re looking for when choosing to repost a song”:

A track with decent quality that demonstrates what someone can do with Auxy.

And when it comes to finding a good name for yourself, I wouldn’t recommend relying on someone to come up with it for you. Most stage names have some deeper meaning to the artist that reflects them best.


This is very true.

My first profile’s name was James Lucien. It was a name I used online quite a lot from my past, it’s sort of a character of sorts I identify with. The last name symbolized light, which ended up resulting in the creation of my logo I use as that profile.

When I ran out of SC minutes, I worked on creating a more musical identity, something simple but recognizable. I chose E/E because it’s a jazz chord, but not really. An E chord with the root note being E. It’s a silly redundancy which makes it unique in ways. It also was a simple but recognizable logo in that way, and also wasn’t difficult to secure a short and simple soundcloud URL for. A name was already taken for James Lucien, hence my URL had to be qualified with an “official” tag, which was ironic considering it’s not even close to something professional.

If you’re really looking for a new name just for a repost, trust me that’s not the right way to go about it. Look beyond auxy if you want reposts, there are bigger oceans to find out there. It’s also a lot tougher, as well. But if you’re looking for that, that’s where you go to look.


Joovenyle or Jiko


Just to follow up on the above point…

The notion of quality being used is very subjective to Lenberg and Fredrik.
So, even if your song is widely considered new and great, there’s no guarantee they’ll notice it, Like it or Repost it.

My advice: Don’t chase Auxy reposts. The criteria and tastes are personal to them.

(…and, tbh, the pay-off isn’t huge either.)


The best way to get exposure is to listen to other people’s stuff, comment, provide feedback, and be involved. When you post your own stuff try to tag what genre it is, I am constantly looking for that. If I don’t know the person who posted something and there is no approximation of genre listed I am not going to listen to it, sorry! Not to mention there are some genres I’m just not interested in. I think most people feel this way


Well, except for they regularly state that they love reposting new songs if they sound good enough for it and display the variety and scope of their app. Take @Oli4-8 for example. I love his stuff, and some has gotten a repost, but it’s so different from say, @aUstin_Haga, that you can’t really say that Team Auxy doesn’t consider anything but taste when it comes to reposts. And @Blue-Jy if your stuff is good enough, the Auxy Team will surely take notice, taste or no.

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Lol idk

Juv3n1le M1stakes?

And, in that regard, they’re not being close to objective.
If they don’t like it, for whatever reason, it ain’t getting a repost, no matter how many others might like it, how well it’s made or how much it might be opening Auxy up to new directions.

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