Antimatter II - Hern [Experimental EP]

New EP on my experimental account. I made this one with a space/horror theme in mind. One of my most melodic projects (at least on my 2nd account) besides “Numbers.”

Link is here (15:51):

Photo is here:

Hope you enjoy. Even if you are off-put on your first listen, I encourage you to at least skip around this EP because it has a lot to offer. There are ambient moments, more psychedelic moments, heavy moments, fast moments, more down-tempo moments, and I think even if you don’t like experimental music there will be at least something here for you. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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I only had time to listen to one (Sef), and its really cool! Love the drums : )

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Take time to listen to the rest of the EP if you can! If you like the drums on that song, you’ll probably like the song “Alt” a ton.

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