Anticipation - Exo_Perez

First track on SoundCloud, titled, “Anticipation”.
I hope you guys enjoy this piece of worthless crap!


@Osharu new Perez in the house :grimacing: :open_mouth: :crossed_swords:



Dont be so hard on yourself :joy::joy: I’ll give it a listen and give you as much feedback as i can :+1:t3:

I’ve heard worthless crap. This is not worthless crap

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If @Exo_Perez wants a duel, then I’ll duel him the same way Ivo and Soithborne did in their VS track, “Even Louder”!! :joy: :joy:

Same. This is actually good! I like it!

For a new user who’s had Auxy for barely 2 months, nice job, Exo!!

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Thanks for the repost and the support!
I appreciate it!