Another Megacollab - imtrapjosh

(UPDATE NOTE: I changed the project because I have to match my 808s to the melody, so yeah. Enjoy!)
I’m back with another megacollab! What happened recently to my DTP II Megacollab is kinda sad, but I’m back with another one to avenge it. And this time, it’s gonna be the longest one ever! Here’s the project link to start!
I don’t have rules to plan for this. Do whatever you want, but don’t change the key, scale or BPM on the project, that’s all. This megacollab will take us back to the old vibes of the Auxy Mega Mega Collab topic! (Which fizzled out QUICK) I need a lot of people in here. And when I mean a lot, I mean 10 SQUADS IN PLACE. I’ll make the art because I’m a actual pro on making album art, cover art & more! So I gtg. If anyone wants to make their part, feel free to. Peace & May Allah Bless you all!!! :kissing_heart:

What happened to the other one?


It got unlisted because of me not allowed “talking in the collab”. I mean c’mon! Everyone didn’t finish their part because of that. I’m not holding back anymore.

Which is why I made another one. To avenge the first megacollab.

Why didn’t just make a private chat with all of them?


It’s my choice. I don’t want to be cut out.

Also i already made 2 collab pms so, oof.

Why was my random collab challenge linked lol

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Because it’s cross


Because since your contest is already over, i had to link my collab to yours.

Also, lemme spit an honest fact. Moderators keep deleting my topic links for no reason and let people get confused. So that’s why your collab is linked to mine.

Because they are 100% unrelated.


Well that explains it. Because his contest is over, what could I do?

Let’s not get too rude on this collaboration plz.

You make a new topic and don’t blatantly advertise yours on someone else’s. I think it’s pretty simple.


Well idk if I can say this but, you’re right.

Idk what to do. Maybe you wanna do something in the collab, I guess?


Not participating but i looked over the project and have a tip - in the 5th, 6th, and 7th scenes when you use the cymatics melody sample and your own bassline, make sure your bassline is the same as the one in the loop. Right now they’re different and they clash and it’s ugly to listen to


Well… you can change turn on the follow pitch automation & listen to the melody so you can match the bass.