Another glitch... here it is

So here’s what happened. I was gonna exit auxy to take a rest. And when I tapped both the logo and play button on my Deltarune Fighting Theme Remix, this happened.

I heard the track playing at the menu, the song played by itself and so as the sounds showed. This glitch has to be reported or well it is kinda fun tbh. Anyways as always, Thanks & May Allah Bless you all homies!!! <3 edit: also you can see the stop button under the menu.


this also happens if you press play but it lags so doesn’t play right away, then you tap the menu. not that big of a bug and isn’t really app breaking but cool to use if you want to listen to something while browsing projects :wink:


Also this is just like this thread but it is a different glitch called: the tiny sounds

Any stuff like this should be reported to the devs via email just so it can be added to whatever list they are working off of (I’m certain things are prioritized accordingly but I’m sure they’d still like to know)

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This has happened to me before. The song loads sometimes for me, and the play button is a line going round in circles. And then sometimes by habit I’d press the Auxy logo and then I have a track playing in the menu.

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It’s so fun though.

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Yea you’re just like: Omg I just hacked a music app


…and then you find out technically everyone else in Auxy has done the same thing lol