Annihilation - Remix Contest

Hi guys! I wanted to make this because I don’t know what to do while I’m at home. Anyways, heres the project link & some rules before you start remixing!

  • Keep the BPM to 182 or change it to 91

  • Don’t remove the perc loop because it matches the melody & BPM

  • You have to either post your remix in SC & YT or you can place a project link of it

  • Do anything fun you want to do in your remix!

If you made the best annihilation remix, you’ll have a better chance at winning! Also this contest, is just for fun. So have fun & good luck!

Here are the winning prizes that would make your day (or so):

1st place: You get a repost from me on SC, a sub from me in YT, a collab with me & a pack of your choice
2nd place: You get a repost from me on SC & a sub from me in YT & a collab
3rd place: You get a repost from me on SC & a sub from me in YT

Contest will finish at the end of the year, 12AM ET. (it gives you MUCH MORE time & will be the perfect way to end this contest with a celebration!)


Wouldn’t it not be a remix if we can’t change the BPM to our taste and style?


This track so fire ! :clap:

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92 + 92 = 182. 182 - 92 = 92! The melody & perc loop are the exact same BPM!

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Thx bro.

yeah but i prefer it at like 130 bpm, and if i do that, will you accept it?

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Bruh you can place it at any BPM you want but make sure to place the melody or perc loop the exact same pitch that should match the BPM or so.

Ight then, I was just confused

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i shall remix

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Maybe I’ll give it a shot🤷🏻‍♂️

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Literally made an account just to post my remix of this banger of a track


Maybe you could’ve added more to it? Other then that, that is amazing!

I rarely ever finish my tracks and I don’t even have a YouTube channel or soundcloud to post my tracks on so they usually never reach other audiences other than my dad and sister :grin:


thats pretty crap and absolutely good at the same time!

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Breake some rules… but anyway🤷🏼‍♂️

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This text will be blurred

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when are you judging?

Until 2021, lol