Annihilation - I T J (Added to someone's channel!)

MY SONG IS FINALLY ADDED TO SOMEONES CHANNEL I MET BACK AT SOUNDCLOUD!!! I’m so happy… that this is a dream come true.


nice job! keep submitting to bigger channels as your production skills grow!


You too!

nice job!

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Awesome :))

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If anyone has like from the person who uploaded this video, you’ll have to ask him as a recommendation to place it in his channel for a better production & a great career!

Got promoted by SewerSouls! Anyone got some suggestions on where i should get promoted next?
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I wouldn’t focus on promotional channels too much at this stage of artist development—I find that it’s better to focus on honing in on the technicalities of your craft, building your core audience and developing your sound than getting featured on a royalty-free music YouTube channel with 50 subscribers.


I agree that it’s less valuable to focus effort on channels with few followers, but even if those channels have fewer followers than your own channels, if they’re outside your usual bubble/reach, then it’s all upside, imo, as it’s extending the reach of your music.

The music making is only part of it. Building an audience takes equal, possibly even more effort (given that it can feel much more like ‘work’ than the music making part).

If no-one’s hearing your music, then it doesn’t matter how great you’re getting.

I wouldn’t work towards some idea of a fantastic reveal in a few months/years once you think you’re good enough.
Take a pro tip, from a non-pro… you might never think you’re good enough.
So, the best you can do is don’t wait, get it out there, as widely as you can, and let listeners decide.

Anyone aiming for ‘success’ needs to be able to keep both the music making and promotion plates spinning at the same time.