AngRy - blue waves [house/lofi?]


Pretty chill :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t really feeling it at the start. Felt a bit primitive - especially the chords, which feel heavy-handed.

But, when the main part kicks in, I started to get it.

The main section, with the choice of vocal chops and percussion, has a real Four Tet / Caribou / maybe Lusine vibe, which I enjoyed.

I think the chords are a little too high in the mix, but an interesting piece that deserves to be fleshed out as a ‘full length’ track.

In terms of genre, I think you’d be doing the (finished) track a disservice by tagging it as house or lofi house. I’d go for something aimed at attracting more sophisticated Four Tet / Caribou / Lusine listeners.

As you shared the project file for remixes, I might just have a play with it, though more as my take on how the track could be fleshed out and finished, than a full-on remix.

Although, if you’re planning to flesh it out, etc. yourself, I’ll wait. I’m interested to hear what you do with it.

A great, interesting vibe that deserves to be developed further. :+1:

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Go for it chief I don’t think I’ll change it, but I do see what you’re saying.