Angel City Redux EP - Tornait [WIP, teaser]

Hey guys, it’s ya boi tornait

I’ve got a new EP in the works! Still figuring out what it’s going to be like…but I have a handful of tracks that are getting polished up right now.

Here’s a teaser:

Oh, and also to celebrate… I’ll release the stems to my original Angel City EP tracks, to let people freely remix them. I’ll drop a few polls to gauge interest.


Alright, here’s the poll.

  • Release the stems! We wanna remix!
  • Nah, don’t release the stems.

0 voters


It is decided!
Here are the stems!

Wings of Steel:

Tar Groove:

Angel City:



Feel free to remix them all! Change the key, the tempo, make these tracks feel fresh and new. Thank you everyone for staying and sticking with me, even through my super empty upload schedule as of late.

The real party is just getting started. Thank y’all!