Anechoik - oir [WIP]

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ive been inactive lately due to the creation of an amazing album. i’ve worked really hard on this masterpiece, hopefully you guys like it. first, collaborations. so far there are 3 collabs in the works right now, i’m working with my faves ever and it is an honor to work with them. second, album vibes. this album is very diverse, not only there is going to be futurebass and experimental, there will be some western and reggae vibes. this album is heading to a darker vibe, there will some trap involved. also some creative

R E L E A S E • D A T E

this album may be released between early March to late June.

am really excited for you guys to hear this new track i’ve been working on. my new single “bound” is now available for purchase (it’s free if you have an apple music plan) and is streamable on spotify. it will be streaming on soundcloud in march due to the busyness for the album.


S O C I A L - M E D I A




Looking forward to it!

I’ve had a chance to play on Spotify. It’s a really, really wonderful song!

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i cant resist you, i’m way too jealous of your music, please teach me senpai

i’m of the 4 collabs

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he also managed to produce a track


he is outrageous

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What are you using to release? Does it allow you to split payments or will you do that manually? I was looking for a service I could release collabs that had an option to split payments

Dude epic! Going to listen now

I think DistroKid does payment splitting but I haven’t used it so I can’t be sure

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So nice!

Epic opening with Silk and Hour. Mysterious, ambient, unlike your usual style but really nice vibes. About a minute in some really nice instrument kicks in as it starts to build an a cinematic, yet recognizably Anechoik way. The drop is just incredible. Amazing work! :grin:

Creative atmosphere, wonderful intro. Classic Anechoik in a new and beautiful way. Quite possibly your best track, and maybe the best Auxy song I’ve heard. The echo of Tonsil is haunting in a really good way when all melodic components drop out and it goes just to the drums. Overall really great track. And of course, at about 2:24 the little solo is incredible. And the outro is sweet. Everything works together perfectly!

The Woods-
Like the guitar opening. Good use of the new pack. And once the beat and bass kicked in, it all came together. A wonderful chill song. Surprised to see a two-word title on an Anechoik song but I like it. Sounds like it would play in a mysterious woods scene in a movie or video game. I may even like it better than High. This is some really good stuff, man! Good job changing things up to keep it interesting too. The drop at 3:50 was so smooth.

Hauntingly good chords and great drop. Wonderfully crafted percussion as always. Melodies good as always with your stuff but I think you’ve overused Tonsil a bit on the album.

Nice, cool opening (a bit too loud though). The high-pitched Boom Bass playing the melody is great, and of course the drop is incredible. Really everything about this is really nice. Good percussion, good bass. Great chords around two minutes in as well. Best part for me is the drop at 3:50, though. Funky stuff!

Really good chords and melody at the start. Nice use of Bow. The drop is wonderful as well. What instrument is that? The pitch bends on it are haunting. At 1:45 that melody is incredible. :clap: Love the guitars at 2:17.

Super cinematic and professional. I love the chords and great use of Vacuum at the start. Really sounds like a new beginning. Dude I might have to license this from you for a movie at some point. :smile: The melody on Ocean is beautiful. The drop is so perfect. Makes me nostalgic for standing at the top of a mountain looking out at the sunset, or for driving along the highway after a long day.

Maybe the best Auxy song ever made to date, and maybe even one of the best songs of all time. Everything is absolutely perfect about this. You should seriously be proud of this song. This is the kind of thing I’d have on loop all day. This is just so nice. Ends perfectly.

What instrument plays the lead at the opening? This is so beautiful. Great chords, great melody. Is it Chromatic? It’s very smooth. Probably the second to best song on here. Overall just works so well.

Once again, the chords are amazing. I dig the melody as well, another good use of the guitars. Evolved a lot since I heard it by mistake that one time. Great fills and percussion. I love the drop. Good twist around 3:04. Super good work on this one!

Final song on here. Some great chords at the start. Very creative and experimental. Good rhythm and percussion, as always. The drop at 1:31 is beautiful. At 2:55 I really like the atmosphere you’ve created. Overall, great work!

@Anechoik, this is a marvelous album and you should really be proud of it!



I will get to listening to this. Your music is amazing, so I know I won’t be disappointed.

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thank you so much!!! glad that you enjoyed it!!!


the next album will be absolutely beautiful and amazing, can’t wait to share that as soon i’m done posting all my tracks on soundcloud.




What distributor are you using? Is it them adding an ‘&’ after the featured artists?

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i did the &


Out of curiosity, what distributor are you using?

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I am absolutely in love with this album.
I can’t wait for the next one!

Already bought three of your songs on iTunes :raised_hands:t3:


THANK YOU so much