Amuse put my music under another artist

Well too bad I don’t get paid enough to keep subscriptions for things… :wink::wink::wink::point_up:t2:

No worries. I’m out. :slight_smile:

Now I think I’m gonna go with Insolidarity but should I spice it up with any symbols or be professional and leave it like a regular word, in your most experienced opinions

Oh dang I missed you

fair enough. Was just a suggestion anyway.

you’re still free to do whatever you decide @Peregrihn

Ok, I’ve Begun the rebranding process
I come before you today, not as Insomniac, but as Insolidarity
check out my page here

now I just need my username here to match, eh @MisterMaster :wink:

You don’t need a new name for them to fix it


Yeah but I think this experience was kind of a wake up call because Insomniac wasn’t original. This is.

Oh no. That’s not good

Contact them via email. Should be able to reach them soon.

I did

Same thing happened to me and there is Someone elses Music in My account. You should just contact them thats what i did

I did :joy: