Amuse put my music under another artist

Ok so here’s the story, I go and set up a release (my first release) with Amuse and it released 1 hour ago and is live in stores… only problem is it’s under someone else. See, Insomniac isn’t an original name and so my stuff got put under an different insomniac already on Spotify. In light of this I’ve decided to change my name. I just want opinions and suggestions. I’ve got a couple ideas already:

  • 1NZ0
  • Insolidarity

Please help this is somewhat urgent

thank you. I’ve already contacted them about the mix up but the problem is I don’t know what to change my name to…

I think you might need to remove them, then reupload under the new name.

I don’t think digital distributors offer the ability to change the artist name for uploads.

Yeah I was planning on removing them… it sucks cuz I waited so long for this. I should’ve thought about this scenario

Yup :wink:

Have you checked each name on your shortlist to see if there are existing, popular, active artists using those names?

If any name is actively being used by an artist with more than (e.g. 1000 plays), cross it off your list.

(Spotify lists a couple of remixes by an artist called NightWatch, each with 200K+ plays.)

Do your research to confirm whether each name you’re asking about here is a viable option.


NightWatch: ~3
11th Hour: ~5
Insolidarity: 0
1NZ0: 0
Inm0century: 0
Innocentury: 0

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try “burgerinmymacdonalds”

Jk, I like all of them except nightwatch, sounds like a gamer tag

Solidarity is already an artist and Insolidarity would be close…

also not imn0century


Do you think Insolidarity would work?

Or should it be Insolidariti

what if you were to alter your name slightly instead of a huge overhaul/rebrand in such a short time.
ex: Insomnious
same meaning, but adjective definition instead of noun

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Whoa cool didn’t know that was a word

And adjectives are popular like @IntrepidMusic or @INDIR3CT

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(meanwhile i should have def picked a better name myself because “XN” as a producer name isn’t hella catchy or anything like that. Just my end initials lol)

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It’s less about whether there is already an artist/group using that name, but more about how popular they are.

If the existing ‘solidarity’ had no bio, poor cover art and <1000 plays and only a handful of monthly listens, then you could go in and compete to try to ‘own’ the name by building a more popular following.

(Fwiw, Distrokid identifies whether your chosen name is already being used on the different platforms before you upload – and allows you change your name or to specify that you’re a different artist. Spotify, iTunes, etc… will then create new artist pages under that name, keeping you separate.

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Too bad distrokid isn’t free…

With all due respect to Insomniac, how huge can it be when you’re not on Spotify, etc… and you have just 37 followers on SC?

Now is exactly the time to be conduct an overhaul/rebrand (if that’s what you think is needed).

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Just what I was thinking. Though Insomnious sounds really cool (and might be a future album title) I think it would be more beneficial to me to completely rebrand and start getting more serious. I’ve already started with improving my music and art…

Too bad you’re not more serious about getting your music out there. :wink:


Plans start at $19.99/yr to upload unlimited songs & albums. For full pricing details, create a DistroKid account.

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