Amino Acids - Promotion and Repost

Hi everyone, this is Aquax, Akō or as I used to be called, Vulture.

I’m an aspiring artist with 71 followers, and that’s not too many. Even so, I still call myself lucky.
Every day, good music goes unnoticed, and this is unfair. I’m here to change that. I will be reposting select songs from people with less than 125 followers only. Not only will I be reposting Auxy songs, I will repost anything I think is underrated.

You can follow me here, and I will be creating a discord server soon.



Okay, discord link is here.

lol come on in as of now we have 0 memboids


Thanks for the repost, glad you like the song😊

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I’m liking he idea!

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Thanks for the repost.

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Thanks for reposting!

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