Amethyst - Tsunan’z (Zeph Remix) [Energetic, Unreleased]

I have this song I don’t want to release yet. I need to know if there is any problems, namely after 1:30. Here is a private link: (I finished half the track today and I don’t trust my judgement since my ears are fatigued).

Be brutal if you have to. I’m looking at you drums at the end of the song -_- I may have put a little too much sauce on those.

No. So this is bomb AF, I don’t even know how else to put it. I would not change anything, IMO. The only maaaybe is that the snare throughout doesn’t cut through the mix as much as I’d like, but 1) I’m using the Apple earbuds and 2) It might just be my personal preference.

I really wouldn’t change anything… don’t listen to it for a day or two then listen again on fresh ears.

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Also, the drums at the end are not overdone I think they are tastefully done. I’m a drum and bass breakbeat enthusiast though so YMMV lol…

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Yeah I did what you said, and I think that some sections may be too abrupt. The drums could be a bit clearer as well. Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot!