Ambient Music Guide, Best of 2018 Winner!


I have 3 eps that I released this year under the project name Atmosphere Factory, all created 100% in Auxy, and I made this comprehensive ambient music website’s best of the year list, almost next to Brian Eno! Some very talented producers on the list, so it shows that working in Auxy is competitive with what’s out there.

Again, if you’re confident in your tracks, I highly urge you to get them into the hands of DJs, writers, reviewers, labels, etc. Don’t just spam people at random, but look for people who you think would actually be interested, and give them some indication of why you think they’d like it when you send them your work.

Anyway, if someone had told me two years ago I’d be making proper tracks in Auxy, I still would have doubted it! Thanks again to the developers.


That’s sweet dude, congrats!