AMA [Collab? I have an orchestral and guitar kinda style]

Im looking for anyone good to collaborate with. Im bored and would like to work on something lol



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Me too!


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I thought you only did trap?

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Imma do trap with guitars or orchestral strings!

I do trap and edm as a side thing


But that’s not orchestral


Yeah whatever. I’ll pm for a collab.

no one said you have to do one style. I like to lay around with all genres of music. im just the best at orchestral and guitar music vs my elm at trap

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Ok then we’re good

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Ohhh i would like to Collab!


alright I just started with someone else but if you would like to go ahead and start the project and then you can dm it to me whenever

it won’t be a guarantee collab, but if I like what you have done ill work with you

Thanks! Not much of my music is good but I have a collab coming out soon and I think it’s better then all of my other ones.

alright, I don’t want to offend you but I do take my work serious so if I do end up not really wanting it then I hope you won’t be hurt, but hey im still open to work with you

Ok. Where do I dm you to send a project?

actually im not sure lol
you could just send it here

Ok I’ll get working on one for you tooooo seee