Always listen to your fellow artist's ads

Support each other, even if you hate ads in general. It’s only 30-60 seconds on SoundCloud, and such a short amount of time is no big deal that can be easily killed while you mute the ad. Listen to the ads!


You’ve had a 1 minute ad???


is there a way to block them or something? for like the last year all ive ever gotten are 30sec unskippable ads.

also not every artist/one of us is getting paid for the ad’s that show up on our track. you have to apply through soundcloud to actually get paid and meet some requirements.

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This 30 second ad brought to you by:


All kidding aside, if people are monetizing via ads, it’s good not to block or skip them. Content gotta get paid for somehow.


Well, people with a pro subscription on SoundCloud don’t really see ads. I can verify this myself, as I myself have a pro subscription on SoundCloud.

i have a pro subscription and i see a few ads


cc. @Osharu @Mr_Mooo

SoundCloud Pro doesn’t remove ads when listening; SoundCloud Go however gives ad free listening for a fairly reasonable price.

I think there are many more listener friendly ways to go about supporting your favorite artists than listening to ads specifically but I strongly implore everyone to show your support in whatever way possible, be it purchasing their tracks / albums on stores or sharing their music on other platforms. :slight_smile:


Whoops, guess I have a SoundCloud Go subscription, cause I never see ads. But, yea, always support our fellow artists trying to get some revenue from their ads!

i don’t know much about soundcloud so i might be wrong but i’m pretty sure that pro gives you the little orange star next to your name, the extended upload time etc…

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Pro is for creators, Go is for listeners.

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I believe Pro gives you a discount on Go though :stuck_out_tongue:

I never seen an ad yet… and i dont have pro

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I do not have pro, but I skip through em’ all.

wait, there are ads?

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It was probably 2 adds

I’ve actually noticed that I haven’t been getting many, if any, ads which is interesting. Used to be like one ad after every track or 2, but now I can listen for like a whole hour and not get one.


Yeah same, sometimes I get them every 6 minutes or so and other times I don’t get any

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So what he’s saying is that you should not skip them in order to give your fellow artists support.

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I know.

They are just images though lol