Alone In Rome - Memory Lane [WIP, Collab?, Dubstep]

Been stuck on this for ages idk where to go next. Anyone wanna collab or maybe mess around a bit and see if something clicks?

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That sounds great.

i did something with it and fixed your loops se here it is

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sorry if i did the longest impact

Holy crap I love what you did with the second half. Do you want to continue to collab on this? I’m gonna smooth out the first part with some volume sliders and filters.

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sure why not

Added a transition after your part back to the first melody to tie it all in. I still haven’t finished filtering everything but I can do that later on in the project.

Added some stuff for u guys

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i added a lead on slope and it matches it perfect

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Touched up everything and redid some drums on the build ups. Not sure how much more we need to add to this one it’s feeling close to finished

Yo that sounds lit. Will definitely listen to once posted