Alone in Rome - Falling [WIP, help?]

My brother told me he feels the melody is a bit boring and I can kinda see it. Any thoughts or suggestions? Any feedback would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


it’s not bad, although I prefer that you make a melody that has two variations for an 8-bar scene. Your brother might only be saying it because, you know, sibling rivalry :joy:. Anyways, it’s good, I just wish it could’ve been a long one.


Alone in Rome - Falling (1.1)

  • Changed Main melody, A note was moved and strum effect was added

  • Added chords to fill the drop

  • Guitar twinkly was too overpowering so I toned it down

  • Guitars “All” changed very last note of 4 bar loop to create a bridged loop.

  • Song :upside_down_face: very good overall, can’t wait to see finished product

In my personal opinion, I would have taken the song in another direction with the drop or taken some of the Instruments out in different parts and substitute them in a 2nd drop. A few tips to improve are to change up the drums or add bars that act as fillers but are transitions.

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Loving that square you put in. I’m gonna see what I can do with your changes thank you so much for putting the time into helping

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Sounds awesome keep it up !