All samples are gone

I used auxy a few times today and it was normal and then about an hour ago i opened it back up and couldn’t open any of my tracks. now when i open my tracks all of my imported samples are gone and most of my tracks are empty.

Yikes - post haste.

Ouch! That’s like the worse nightmare :see_no_evil:

This EXACT THING happened to me today!

yea i think i’m about to buy a labtop soon for ableton or fl cause this happened to me twice.

Coming from Auxy, I highly recommend Ableton as a next step up. The session view in Ableton works a lot like Auxy but it’s easier to use the arrangement view after getting loops down. Also it works on a scene based progression like Auxy if you use session view (more ideal for live application)

flip side, if you’re looking to be more budget oriented, go with FL since you get lifetime updates

i’m super familiar with fl but i have no experience with ableton so just off of experience i would probably choose fl.

I’m sure Live has a demo version. It’s always good to check out different softwares to see what gels.

That said FL is definitely going to be less up front, and you go not have to pay for updates which is nice (129 bones every major Reason version is a bit of a bummer lol…)

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Happened to me once. I was so upset :cold_sweat: