Album Art tips and tricks

One of the things that i feel gets overlooked often is having high quality album art. It seems so minor but can have a make or break effect on your release. I try to put myself in the average random listeners shoes: If i see a track with a helvetica, snapchat, or times new roman type/blurry pixels/ looks like it was taken straight off google; it is really the first impression that people will have of your song. A few things i think about when i am making album art:

  1. make sure the photo you are using is in a 1x1 ratio. This is the standard size for album art on dreaming platforms. If you want the most effective results, increase the pixel count to 3,000x3,000 (optimal for streaming sites)

  2. Curatte the vibe for the song. You want your album art to match the feel of your song. I know this doesn’t sound super important but it definitely helps your track stand out to the listener.

3.) Don’t over edit. This one is pretty self explanatory but nothing makes me less excited to listen to a song than a picture thats ben through like 7 different app filters and looks v oversaturated.

4.) Font selection: Its usually the last step of the process once you have your artwork fully edited, but don’t breeze past this. Generically putting a font in the middle of the album art is okay, as long as there is a reason for you choosing the font and curating a more simplistic vibe. Transforming the text to make it appear as if it is on a surface (storefront, billboard, t shirt, car sticker, computer screen, etc create a really professional look (to be honest it takes minor practice but is pretty easy once you get the hang of it!)

Sorry for the long post guys but i hope this helps you out! Some of the photo apps that i use to do edits are aurora, basic iPhone- adjusting the effects and lighting, not just throwing a filter on it. inkboard and photo fox. Photo fox has a monthly subscription but i think it is worth the price.

I think making artwork like this is so fun nd i would love to see some of your guys favorite album art that you have made! If you ever want any advice or need something done for a release send me a message! You can see a collection of the album art that i have made on my soundcloud and on spotify @Breezyz

have a good night everyone!


nah fam. You gotta Deep Fry your album art






In addition to this, if you’re gonna grab photos off the web for the background, most people will have seen the same 'MAZING BOOTIFUL pictures you have. If you rip that photo from that news site, or this photography portfolio, or you’re extra laze and just grab it straight from google images – and then you slap a filter and title over it, don’t think you’ve gotten away with it.


oh i forgot to say that you should always include a benis in there somewhere, maybe a yeet

big time agree with this! Theres so many apps and sites that wont have any harmful legal effects down the line. If you do use a photo from google images you better warp that thing so much that it barely resembles the original picture hahaha

I basically use google images as a stencil when i’m making art (if that makes sense) i will never leave the original image in the photo

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I hope this was helpful to some!