Akyut - Bad Juju (take a guess 😎)


I used to push myself to diversify my music, and I feel like it was watering down what I have a talent for. I’m happy I branched out, though. I leanred a lot from the experience.

Enjoy responsibly :full_moon_with_face:


Sometimes you gotta crawl out of the walled garden to realize that the grass was pretty green :wink:

Another good jam well put together. I especially like the gothic vibes

Very well put. Unfortunately, with everything I did learn, spelling was not one of them :sweat_smile:

Thanks for leaving a comment yet again, I appreciate it a lot :heart:

This is a solid, well put-together track! Great work! The mix is spot on, and I love the vibe you’ve got going on in this. Them drops are :fire::fire::fire: as well :grin:

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