AKA SND - The Fall (WIP, Minimal Techno, EDM)

AKA SND - The Fall (WIP, Minimal Techno, EDM)

It’s a draft/WIP, so would be great to hear some feedback on any/all aspects of what I have so far.


  • As it’s still so early in development, I’ve not made the track public on SC yet.
  • I’m not super-inspired by the sounds at the moment and might wait until the new soundpack(s?) drop in Jan to get this one ‘Auxy finished’ (which I consider ‘demo’ status, for my own music), but it would still be great to have some thoughts and feedback from y’all. :+1: :slight_smile:

I think this checks all the minimal techno boxes. I really enjoyed the chord progressions, I think perhaps some (new sounds) different sounds might not be a bad thing, but honestly, as you have this it’s cool. It’s not like the sounds don’t fit or anything, just perhaps a new flavor will make a difference. I know you’re kind of holding out for the new AP(s) to drop, (or features), so I gotta say you’re braver than me in even putting anything out (I’m holding steadfast).

As usual your finger on the pulse of progressions and flow is spot on. Thoroughly enjoying it.

Listening a second time. I think I mentioned previously but have you ever listened to Modeselektor? I think you’d appreciate their work. Love those guys.

Very tight groove. If you haven’t linked your Ableton Live stuff I’d really love to hear it, no bullsh!t. Hard cause I’m off this week and it’s usually lunch time / train time I really get to listen to this stuff and I’m off this whole week.

I like it overall. Will be interesting to see the next update I’m looking forward to it as I’m sure you are. I don’t really have any recommendations for improvements though. I think it’s pretty solid progression and structure wise. I definitely like the handle you’ve got on different sounds and what sounds good together.

If this is a little stream of consciousness I apologize, it’s holiday, I’m a few beers in. I realize this is probably more than you wanted to read. But I value what you’re doing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that feedback and thanks for the comments.
I actually prefer to get some longer feedback, so no complaints here. :+1: :+1:

I think this checks all the minimal techno boxes.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :wink:

It’s not a genre I listen to, so I’m going on instincts.
(Still haven’t really had a meaningful listen to Modeselektor yet. Do you any particular recommendations?
I’ve flagged a documentary about them on YT for watching later, when time, energy and the stars all align.)

The chord-progression popped into my head this morning and it felt like it would suit an uptempo 4/4 with a little bounce in it. Tight, simple and incessant rhythm to underpin the track and keep things moving along.

Wanted to keep thing bouncing, so came up with a simple counter-melody that I think feels quite compelling against the chord-progression.

In terms of structure, I softened the first half, to allow for the pay-off later.

In terms of ‘sound’, I want it to feel quite lo-fi, but still feel a little like a dizzying, blissed-out ‘wash of sound’. I’ll need to pay a lot of attention to the drop/peak to avoid having too much clashing resonance, making the whole things muddy with rez.

Want to keep it with only a few moving parts, using layers and swapping out sounds for melodies to keep the interest there.

Fingers crossed the new APs have some stuff I find interesting – otherwise, I’ll be shifting this one over to Ableton Live sooner, rather than later.


…so I gotta say you’re braver than me in even putting anything out (I’m holding steadfast).

The idea came to me this morning, and was able to get the core idea/progression down.
I’ve been coming back to it for a few mins at a time throughout the day and I think I have the core ideas in there now. Needs some extra love and attention.

…though I’m still open to all thoughts and ideas.

It’s rough as hell and the transitions and mix levels are currently garbage, imo — and a lot of the ‘effect’ sounds are placeholders.
Just wanted to get something ‘out’, even if only privately, as I’ve got 5–6 semi-formed pieces (range of genres) waiting for further development, but they’re now on hold till the new pack(s) drop, as my inspiration for the tracks has kinda stalled due to the lack of inspiration I’m getting from the current soundpacks.

(Because I create in a range of genres, I risk having all my stuff sound the same (‘Auxy sound’) due to the limited sound palette available.)

Knowing the new APs are so close, and that I’m likely to dive into it/them for this track, I took the unusual step of calling this one a WIP, even in the SC name, and keeping it private.

I’ve not actually been spending much time in Ableton Live.

I’d love to be disciplined enough to sit down and work some of the public pieces through to a more finished (by my standards) state, but I’m too frequently interrupted by a new idea for a new piece — that means I’m back on Auxy exploring it.

I wouldn’t consider the track “Minimal Techno.” It’s got too much progression (never thought I’d say that. haha) for Minimal. Techno is SUPER “loopy,” with only a few changes in sounds.


This is a great track, btw. I love hearing some “Technoesque” tracks coming out of the Auxy community.

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Happy to hear thoughts on more suitable genre tags.


I think this checks all the minimal techno boxes

So, :man_shrugging:



This is a great track, btw. I love hearing some “Technoesque” tracks coming out of the Auxy community.

Thanks. My techno days go way back, and while it’s not a genre I actively listen to any more, there’s still a bit of techno in me. :wink:

I just now read that.

I disagree, @iammane. Minimal Techno is about less. It’s about the groove, not the drop, or the progression. Less is more with Minimal.

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Admittedly, I’m no techno expert lol… I’d definitely say Modeselektor isn’t minimal techno, where something like Juan Atkins / Derrick Mayfield is so sure, that’s not right. I’m not good at this genre thing haha… all I know is I get the Modeselektor feels when I listen to you,

I’d say anything off “Happy Birthday”


Touché, touché


Dunno. I struggle with genres for my stuff, especially as it invariably never sits squarely in just one genre.
(I’m all about that fusion, 'bout that fusion, no trouble) :wink:

I think the main groove and the level of repetition could pass as (for what I understand as the precepts for) minimal techno, but the inclusion of two drops brings it towards yer common or garden variety EDM structure.

Hence I used both Minimal Techno and EDM as tags, though I don’t which would be the prime one.

EDMinimal™ Techno



Oh my gosh, Minimal producers just threw up. :joy:

That’s not an insult, btw. It’s just an inside joke, because Techno doesn’t consider itself to be EDM.

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This is a pretty good track! The melody is simple so it gets stuck in my head quite easily. Feeling the upbeat vibes.

Suggestions: Maybe a more complex drum beat later in the chorus?

Something I say for a few tracks: It’s not full enough to be EDM. You don’t want your EDM track to be too simple, but overdoing it isn’t great either. I’d suggest layering up the lead more, and maybe some more noticeable bass? :slightly_smiling_face:

And, right before the drums play, there’s not transition, and it’s a bit abrupt. Even some sweeper would be helpful there.

1:03 to 2:03: A whole minute of the same drum beat. Try mixing it up! Add another melody, maybe. It also gets repetitive in the chorus too. If you have the same melody for the whole song, it gets a little boring.

Overall, great WIP. I didn’t mean to be offensive in any way, just trying to help. :smile:

Oh, and one last thing: I think 5 mins is a bit too long. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the part that 3:15 could even be the start of the track (is that where you started it? And progress to build the structure?) 3:15 and after looks clean for me :+1:t3:


Thanks. SanaB.

Fwiw, I think the track makes more sense if judged from a (Minimal) Techno perspective, where repetition is an intentional thing, vibes can be much more sustained, evolving much more subtly with less overt variation.

TBH, for this one, I’m unlikely to push it further towards something for an EDM audience. If anything, I’ll be stripping it back, to a techno audience, where less can be more.

That said, I do kinda like the idea of blending a (minimal) techno backbone with some elements of EDM (such as a drop), so who knows…? :+1: :slight_smile:

Track length is a touch one. I personally enjoy this, even though it’s nearly 6 mins long, though I feel the front could be more ‘efficient’ - but I’d likely re-use any free space by extending the back end.

I’m not sure if it’s an EDM (audience) thing, but I do get the sense that the attention span of EDM audiences is generally shorter (a massive generalisation, I know), although it could be a generational or ‘mass popularity’ thing.

I’m happy for a groove to go on for a while if I’m feeling it. It’s likely that you and I have quite different tolerance levels (read: boredom thresholds) for subtly changing music. :slight_smile:
(I suggest you steer clear of artists such as Terry Riley or Philip Glass – or bring a pillow.) :wink:



Pretty much. The elements there are the parts that came in the initial inspiration or very early on. They’re the heart of the track’s main theme.

What I have up to that point is pretty much built from parts/variants of the main groove, but with the drops, that may not come across.

I do like the stripped back groove that starts ~1:00, so perhaps I just need to get there quicker, maybe even start with something very close to it – and build from there. (Might have to do some genre listening and benchmark some track starts.)

I’ll probably ditch the SynthWavey elements, such as the short counter-melody at 0:31. They’re elements that I’d instinctively put in a track, audio stings and counter-counter-melodies — but maybe they’re distracting from the core minimal vibe. Then again, maybe they add an interesting fusion of synth elements and just need better execution.


3:15 and after looks clean for me

:+1: Thanks. I need to get the sounds and the sound swapping more sorted – e.g. when a new sound takes over duties on the main melody — and spend more time on the tone./shape/filter automation to keep things evolving.

This is good; I really like 4’+ when things thicken up and blend a bit more. I was left wanting some more microevolution in the first/intro section. For one, the figure that appears at 0:31 and 0:46 might benefit from being different the second time around (maybe have it drift back to D toward the end of what is now its E-trail?). It’s refreshing around 3’ to have a build-up that isn’t over-the-top.

Your structure is solid overall, and it’s a good listen, especially for a WIP. I recently attempted a minimal (house/techno - I don’t know these genres very well, sorry) track that quickly derailed and went maximal, so I appreciate what you’ve done.


Thank, wangeric.

The 4’+ section still needs some work, although it’s probably the most successful part at the moment.
I’ve lost some of the ‘rezzy wall of sound’ I had in an earlier version, so that section lacks a bit of punch now.


the figure that appears at 0:31 and 0:46

I’m torn on that. Part of me wants to ditch it, feeling it to be a legacy touch from my tendency to fill every gap.
But, I also think that might be a characteristic of my stuff that’s worth keeping – and makes this more ‘mine’.

I know what you mean about resolving to D. It’s tempting to resolve it, but I like the tension that comes from leaving it unresolved. I agree that it could do with some variation, but I might attempt that through varying the sound itself.

…assuming I keep it.


Your structure is solid overall

Thanks. I think it’s kinda there structurally, though I may shorten the section leading up to the first drums.


I recently attempted a minimal (house/techno - I don’t know these genres very well, sorry) track that quickly derailed and went maximal

I feel your pain :wink: I’m the same. This one is more stripped-back than my usual stuff, but may need even more paring back.

I’m also trying to complete a stripped-back electro-pop track, but as my posts here will attest, editing is not one of my strengths. :wink:

Thanks @anon73773654, @wagneric, @iammane, @cgedius and @NickElle for your feedback.

Appreciated and useful. :+1: :slight_smile:

I’ll update this thread when there’s a new version to share.


Can’t wait to hear this. :wink:

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Probably won’t be pushing that forward significantly until the new soundpack(s) drop in the next couple of weeks.

(Same goes for the remix of your track that I’ll be doing. Hope the wait’s ok.)

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Oh yeah…totally understand. Eagerly awaiting the next sound pack release myself. Like many others, starting to feel a little tapped out with the existing sounds (all my ideas start sounding the same).

Also…good things come to those who wait. :wink:

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