AKA/SND - Sketch 30 ("Over Easy') [WIP, Genre?]

The clearout continues…
A sketch (#30) that’s been gathering dust…

Not sure what genre you’d call it, so answers on a postcard, please.
It’s a little bit electro-jazz, a little bit hip-hop, dunno.

Any thoughts on what direction I could/should take it also welcome. :+1:

Also, kudos points to anyone who can spot where the opening piano melody comes from. :wink:

AKA/SND - Sketch 30 ("Over Easy’)


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Very much enjoy, the title fits perfectly. Super laid back, definitely dialing in the jazziness. The tom sound is cool, but I think when we get this update you could swap out some of these drum sounds and it’d tighten it up. You know that already though lol.

No idea where intro is from :frowning:

Indeed. Already planning to swap out the toms. :wink:
Not sure I’ll do a straight swap. Might start building my own using tonal instruments – or maybe I’ll actually stop worrying how the ‘Auxy finished’ versions sound and move more stuff over to Ableton.


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