AKA SND - Sketch 27 (WIP, Remixable, Downtempo, Electro-Jazz, Electro-Pop)

AKA SND - Sketch 27 (WIP, Electro-Jazz)

Yes, another sketch. (Some day I’l get round to finishing something.)

This one’s chilled, smooth, downtempo electro-jazz-meets-electro-pop.
I may turn this one into an electro-pop song.

As always, thoughts and feedback very welcome. :+1: :slight_smile:

Not super-happy with the sounds, but I’m running out of inspiration with the current sound packs.
Will likely push this over to Ableton Live to finish it.


Very creative man, I like it! The melody riffs with bee are sweet. Maybe have bee go a little longer in the beginning with possibly some low-pass stuff, so it doesn’t sound too random. You should finish it!

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The melodies are awesome, play together very well. Agree the sounds don’t really fit the overall tone of the piece, they aren’t bad but I feel like if there were other options you woulda used them.

The composition is really great though, would love you hear a before and after (Auxy -> Live)

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Agree with Andrew about the intro.

I got a delicious taste of my favourite lead again and then it disappeared too soon! Such a tease.

Looking forward to the day you do finish something.


Thanks, all. I appreciate your comments.

@Andrew_Adams & @MisterMaster

I kept that 2-bar clip of the lead in the intro short, as I wanted it to be a kind of hint of what’s to come, but also to feel like a half-remembered memory or faded echo of something that actually comes later.


I’ll have it on repeat for the next day or so, as I analyse what needs to change. I’ll be clearer about sounds after that.

I’ll be sure to post the ‘after’ if when I get round to making it. :wink:


I do too. :wink:

TBH, I’m kinda less inclined to even try to finish something in Auxy these days. I don’t feel it can get me where I want my music to go (sound and production-wise).

So, I’m torn between enjoying the vitality of creating in Auxy and the feeling of making something substantial (requiring more time and more comprehensive tools).

For me, in terms of #MadeWithAuxy, it may be ‘sketches’ only from here on. :man_shrugging:

(I’ve never considered anything I’ve done in Auxy as being in its final form.)

I’ve had some interest from members wanting to remix this track, so I’m opening it up.

If you’re interested, PM me. :+1: :slight_smile: