AKA Clavin - untitled [WIP, Disco-House, Funky House]

Maybe it’s because Summer’s on its way…

A bit of good vibes, slightly retro, disco/funky-house that I’ve been chipping away at recently

(Rough) Draft 1

Draft 3

Let me know what you think. :+1: :slight_smile:


Lol there is so much going on in here, in a good way. I’m getting tastes of Roger and Zapp, the funk is very strong. The keys are such a nice, warm addition and the melodic percussion against the VERY synthetic lead is a nice combo (love organic + synthetic textures simultaneously).

Around 2:30-2:35 I was like awwww yeah haha, I like how you let the lead just rip.

I can’t really think of anything to change, around 3:24-3:40 if you had a sample of like a party, people talking, glasses clinking around and stuff, THAT would be awesome just to reinforce that vibe. Structurally this is great.

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Thanks. :+1:
It’s all still a bit loose, though I want to retain some of that vibe.

Funny you mentioned Troutman and Zapp.
The disco drums are sampled from Herbie Hancock’s You Bet Your Love (1979) which also include a vocoded lead vocal.

That bouncing lead that comes in at 2:12 is an early placeholder for a vocal, so maybe that could/should be vocoded.

I agree that it needs some kind of vocal ‘chant’ in there.
I want to have a vocal line in the chorus, but nowhere else in the track. :+1:

I also need to put some time in on the transitions (there aren’t any at the moment).

Had it on repeat on the way into work this morning.
Enjoying it. :wink:

Interestingly, I’ve been feeling this type of vibe lately too! I really enjoyed listening to what you did here. Good job!

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I love this song!!!

But, one thing…

The high frequencies are missing.
The hihats are kinda filtered. :confused:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s a rough draft. The hi-hats are currently only within the sampled Herbie Hancock drum loop pulled from a not-great quality source.

I’ll hunt down a cleaner source or maybe clean this one up. I might slice it up into transients and reconstruct it in Auxy, as part of generally going through and cleaning it up.

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3rd draft.


I think it now has its final structure.
Added some detailing, mini-hooks and made more of the bridge, which now dips away towards an alternate slightly retro-tech/disco-tech/tech-disco vibe, before breaking back to the main vibe.

Still no vocals yet and still needs some work on transitions and general clean up.

Might also lift the tempo a bit.

…but, getting there.

109 bpm might be dragging a little.

Btw, if anyone has any thoughts on possible names for the track… :slight_smile:

I’m likely to put this out under a new (4th!) name as it doesn’t really fit well under any of the existing three. :wink:

Nice, I can tell it’s much tighter flow wise. 109 seems slow? I thought the pace was perfect, but maybe you’ve heard it faster so it’s causing doubt/curiosity.

The little details you added in are really nice. I hear now what others mentioned about the hats, might be personal taste though as I didn’t mind it and feel it gives it a “sampled record” vibe (lord knows when you dig into some of these sample sites so many of these drum samples have that same filtered hat thing going on, and by sample site I don’t mean sounds.com or splice or whatever I mean like people sampling records).

Anyway, I like it!


I need to do a sweep through and sort out mix levels to find the best balance.
So much going on in this one that having it all clear and present will be a challenge.

(I’m trying to get in the habit of using the mix to make judgements about elements that can be cut without losing anything overall.)

It’s about a minute longer than the earlier draft, now running at 5:41, but to me I think it maintains a good level of energy and interest and doesn’t feel too long.

Happy to hear input if others do.


109 seems slow?

I haven’t tried it faster, but will.
I’ve listened to it so many times in the past 36 hours.

Every few listens, it just sounds a little slow, particularly at the start where it’s more bare.
If I do tweak it, it’ll only be a few BPMs, 114 max.


I hear now what others mentioned about the hats, might be personal taste though as I didn’t mind it and feel it gives it a “sampled record” vibe

I did layer up an additional CHH, but maybe that’s not doing enough.

I’m kinda there with ya.
I’ll try it cleaner, to see if I prefer it, but I also don’t mind if it’s a little rough and ‘lo-fi sample’ feel.

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Maybe give it a rest for a day or so. I noticed if I listen to a lot of drum and bass or anything in the 150bpm+ range, shifting gears to anything else sounds soooo slow. It’s got to be a perception thing since we can be reasonably sure time isn’t bending lol.

I like the lofi sampled feel it’s more authentic especially considering the source of inspiration.

And agreed, the energy keeps the pace moving I was listening this morning and hadn’t even realized I hit the ~3:45ish mark in no time. I have super ADD with music so that is a really good thing!!

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Chill to the highest degree