AK’s Beat Contest [For Fun 👌]



  • You must use the beat you choose as your main beat in your track
  • Must be under (or around) the 2 minute mark
  • You can only edit very minor aspects of the beat.
  • When you post your submission, tell which beat you used

Beats :0
Future bass/edm
Drum and Bass
House/Electro ish thing
If you use this you have a higher chance of winning, but only if it is used nicely :ok_hand: Jungle House

XN - The Comet [Drumstep] (A.K. Challenge Entry)

They’ve all opened the same project.


I’m down. Gimme dat DnB

its actually more Dubstep since the kick & snare hit on the 1 & 3 and b/c the tempo is 155. But if u bump it up to dnb tempo (160-180. 174 master bpm) then you got some drumstep.


Did you click the right one? I put it at a 180 tempo lol


really? It doesnt for me :confused:


Ok. Will try again soon


Yeah i just did it a few more times. same project. Weird tho because when i click on any of the other projects, i get the same project file: “Moody Albatross” with Fringe as the kit and 2 loops.

Might be a glitch of some sort seeing as all the url’s are different, but they ended up copying the same file.


Yes, they are all the same project.


That doesn’t make sense. They all end in different letters in the link


Probably a bug like @El1011 said.


Same with me


ay-o im done.
Made sum drumstep. tho still not totally sure which kit I used since they’re all the same lol.