AI Synth Plugin

Hey everyone

Im working on something great!

Im a computer science student and i study mainly on Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence.AI is great when you use it on things you love! A few days ago i thought of a synth plugin idea.Let me tell you about what the AI synth does.

The AI Synth has music types/styles section for example you choose trance.When you choose the style of music you want it gives you loads of instrument presets that IT CREATED by analysing and learning the instruments used in trance.It doesnt replicate the instruments of the analysed songs it creates brand new instruments(synths, lead,bass,bell, drum… Etc.) based of the style of the instruments.So everytime you open up or press more presets it gives you a Fresh never made preset.So in your songs your sound will be UNIQUE a whole lot more.Also the AI analyses your music producon way.And it creates instruments that you may like off of the instruments you use a lot and it shows you those in the recommended section.

I think this synth if i can make it will be PERFECT.It completelt destroys the need to buy presets and samples.By creating a unique instrument each time. What do you guys think?
I will answer your questions in the comments.
(And first i need to learn a whole lot more about sound design. So this is not an easy jourmey)



I’ve been spending quite a bit of my spare time diving into Tensorflow.
Have you looked into Google’s Magenta or Nsynth?


This sounds amazing.

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Sounds interesting but personally i would rather listen to a track with sounds designed by people rather than robots. I have a feeling that randomly designed sounds wont have nearly the same feel as ones developed from scratch by a human.


Thats perfect i use Tensorflow too!

I didnt knew that a thing like Nsynth and magenta existed! It looks super cool.

Magenta and Nsynth are similiar to my project in some cases but i think they are really different. Mine is going to learn the way producer produces or what sounds producer likes to compose with. While magenta and Nsynth are awesome for understanding two sounds and combining them.

Thanks for telling me about Magenta and Nsynth!


Thank you!

I totally understand why you think like that and you are right in a way. Machines doesnt have Inspiration or Imagination.But i have been understanding AI for months now.And i have learned that AI can achieve pretty close and sometimes better results than what humans will do.AI can replicate emotions and feels in a song even though it doesnt have any.

So dont think that machine created sounds wont sound good!
And sound design is a thing that can be good without emotions or feels.A sound created just by maths can be really good and there is examples for that!

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sounds like cool af idea.

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If i can make it yes it will really be a cool af thing.
Because everytime you have a generic and unique preset. How cool is that!

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I get that but if it made sounds based on how you’ve designed sounds previously it could come up with some good ideas you’d like.

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Yep - this is the idea behind AI and machine learning. It’s not just like hitting random on a synth (for those that have it) and some parameters are randomized within logical bounds (or TOTAL random chaos) - there’s intelligence behind it, in that a system has analyzed thousands or more patches across synths and learned in possibly what context they are used. It’s neat stuff applicable to a lot of different industries but this would be a real cool use case for musicians



Can’t wait to see what this thing can do. As an avid programmer who didn’t do much with AI, it always fascinates me what is capable with machine learning.


We all know who to blame then when aren’t making music anymore because robots are :wink:


Lol I’ve heard the A.I. music - we don’t have anything to worry about.



The future is now.

This sounds really cool! I cant wait to see some of the projects my using this!

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Lol my AI is not going to make the music.

Its going to help the creative process for the artist.

So no worries its just a help tool

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I’ve been waiting for this!!!

Ayo it’s been three years

Ohhh yeah haha whoops! :sweat_smile: