After the Rain - tornait

Just uploaded a new track, called After the Rain. It’s a heavily piano-based dance track with little to no automation. Heck, only uses AP-001, Flick from AP-002 and Globe from AP-003. Lemme know if y’all like it… Also, let me know if you wanna see a remix contest from me in the near future!



Haaah, man. Got lots more in the pipeline. But I really wana remix contest. But what song…?

…place feels kinda empty.

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I love it. Great song

Thank you!

you saved me from talking to myself. That would have been quite sad.

A positive and refreshing track. It’s good, although a bit too long and monotonous. Unless it’s supposed to be like this, as a background or something :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input! Yeah, I know, it goes on for quite a while. At least I’ll know what to do if I ever create a similar track.