Adobe After Effects Shortening Render Time And File Size


I have a 45 min long video that’s “the secret project” and it will either say that it ran out of disk space (the file is too big) or has a long (24-80 Hour) render time.
I’m on a MacBook as well.

Helpp pls

oh gosh

That is hard to deal with.

Yeah right? :joy:

If all else fails I have an alternate way for the video

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Wait for it to render


If it’s on after effects, IM assuming that’s it’s a video of some sort. I would assume a music video or some sort of visualizer kinda thing.

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Is it in 60 fps?

What’s the video?

My mouth is shut :zipper_mouth_face:

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30 fps

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How long has it been since you restarted your computer?

That’s most likely one of the problems lol

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There might be too much junk in your cache, try restarting it.

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