✿ addison ✿ - thinking of u


Feedback appreciated! Thanks


I’ve actually never heard your music before, but I really like this track… I’ve always wanted to make deep house/house music but struggle. The style is great, my only feedback would be to add a little more bass overall. Otherwise, great work!


I really enjoyed this.

I think it might benefit from an additional melodic part in a few places?


Yeah I agree. I appreciate the feedback a lot tho and I will be mindful of that in the future. Sometimes you just get excited and eager to post that you miss things!

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Really cool track! Love the production, sounds super crisp

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Great stripped back, deep n jazzy/funky vibe! Love it!
Good, simple drums lines too.

Great to see some deep house here.
(Got some of my own in the works.)

I think I’m on my 6th play-through. maybe 7th. A real head-bobber, bit of shoulders.

That bass C is a nice pulse, but it feels like it could do with a touch more on the bassline. Just a tiny bit more. Maybe an A# on the 16 step of each bar, with a D# on the 9 of the 4th bar. Would give a little syncopated nudge to the swing.
(I had your track on loop while I was doodling over the top. :wink:

Maybe even a light touch of Vintage Keys. Nothing too full-on. Just light and scattered, with only the hint of a riff/motif.
Something in that breakdown around the 1:04 mark.

Just a thought or two.

Either way, great work, great vibe. So simple, but really effective.
Would love to hear it worked up to a full 4 mins.

(I’d love to have a play around with it, if you fancied sharing the project file — or fancied a collab?)

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Yea dude I completely agree with you! I usually almost always do something like that in my songs, where it’s more than just one note, and during this one I missed over that idea. At the end of every 8th or 16th bar another note on the chord and sub-bass would’ve been better. And yeah I should have added more melodies into it as well. I got excited to post and kind of rushed through it, even though usually I’ll take like 2-3 day to really ponder over any last details I could add. I’m really glad you liked the song tho and stuff like that always motivates me, to hear really love the song. I’m not really open to remixes / sharing my project links tho like in my old days for a couple of reasons and stuff that’s happened in the past. I’m open-minded to collabs tho just message me on here if you feel like it


Still got it on loop, doodling over the top. :wink:
(Sorry if I’m stuffing your stats.)

You planning to develop it more?
If so, looking forward to hearing how it ends up.

(Don’t go too crazy. Speaking as someone who still finds myself over-producing, it’s really easy to lose sight of a great, stripped-back vibe.)

(Can’t PM you until I’ve reached the right account level, I think. Feel free to PM me though if you wanna chat about a possible collab.)


Welcome to the community! Make yourself at home.

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Sorry, couldn’t help myself… :wink:

Did a naughty, little bootleg-remix…

Addision x Calvin Harris: How Deep Is Your House

Still kept it stripped back to let your killer vibe remain the backbone.

It’s a private SC link, and, of course, I don’t intend to do anything with it. If you’d like me to remove this post and reset the private link, I will.

From what you’ve said, I’m guessing you’ve been stung by plagiarism. That’s not my intention here.
Just a bit of creative fun that I thought you, and others here, might get a kick out of. :slight_smile:

I might have PMed you, but I don’t have that option (yet?)

@iammane Is it a member level thing?


Re: PM - yeah. See if it works now


Yeah it is. It’s also trust level 2.

The remix is kinda naughty @ThoughtfulNoise

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@ThoughtfulNoise that sounds so good, did you add the vocals and all in Auxy? Also, my only feedback would be to add more ducker to the bass if you did that in Auxy, or sidechain the bass to the kicks if you did it outside.

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How about a remix?

Would that just be great idea? (If we pmed it?)

That’s so cool man, props to you. I can definitely say you made the track sound better. I actually wanted to repost this lol but It’s private. It’s totally fine If you want to make it public, but up to you.


Uh (sorry for ping) @sn.ow.y, @ThoughtfulNoise, @Coral? How about we remix it? We’ll do different genres. I think someone should do a pm about that.

Glad you like it. :+1:

I’ve made it public. Repost away.
(Guess I have to throw up a quick cover now. :wink:

I might even extend it, and put in a couple more touches.

I needed to retune the vocal down a couple semitones and chop it around, so was easier to do it in Ableton.

The rhodes keys and added bassline were also Ableton, but could easily have been done well enough directly in Auxy.

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